About Us

Gobtad Corp specializes in executive transportation services tailored for healthcare leaders. Our luxury vehicles and seamless online booking platform ensure that busy executives can navigate their demanding schedules with ease and style. Trust Gobtad Corp to provide reliable transportation solutions, allowing you to focus on leading and innovating in the healthcare industry.

Our Mission Statement

Gobtad was born out of compassion most especially at seeing what hard working company executives such as directors, managers, CEOs have to go through driving themselves. Here is our philosophy: time is money and money is time. A reasonable and wise spending of either time or money should not depict your bank of one and or both. Additionally we believe that when we take an extra but avoidable burden off your shoulders you are not crushing and collapsing under the weight of what others can do for you so that you can concentrate on what others can not do for you, and be successful, accomplished in your day to day tasks performance. Presently we provide excellent, executive and personalized driver-driving services that come with free delivery services terms and conditions applied.